Last week

Have you had a week where all your strategies fall away and you finish the week and wonder why you haven’t managed to stick to your health goals?

Well that was me last week, I know right, I should know better being a PT and all, hey I’m only human. It all started with a bad soup ha ha, yep I made a huge amount of rubbish soup that I didn’t want to eat. I had a very busy week at work, felt too tired to train, then didn’t meditate or take me time. You can see how everything can unravel pretty quickly. I’m certain you have had similar weeks.


How can we stick with our good intentions? I’ll share with you my techniques which have so far kept me on track this week.

  • I took some time to do food prep on Sunday.
  • I set myself a 30 day challenge to eat 8 different veggies a day, I like a challenge, keeps me accountable.
  • I came up with a chart for Monday to Thursday (see pic) with different headings – play, meditation, eat, move and bonus. I aim to complete each box daily by taking time to play and laugh, to meditate, eat 8 veggies, move my body as well as a bonus self-care task.
  • Keeping myself accountable with my own training by getting a training buddy.
  • I’ve also said no to a few different appointments so I’m not overloading my days.

When we are tired self-care tasks can seem like more things to do, its important to remember by taking the time to do these things, you will feel better and able to cope with the weeks challenges.

Take some time to plan the following weeks, see how you can prioritise your own and your families self-care. IMG_0061

Aim not to do too much, introduce habits and exercise slowly, cement one habit and then move onto the next. Changing habits takes up energy, energy that we may not have, trying to do too much exhausts us. One small habit at a time will make a big difference to your health, even if it may seem insignificant, it’s not.

Having good intentions and planning will set you up for success, don’t forget though that changing habits takes effort and it isn’t easy, you do need to do the work.

You can do it!


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