Simple strategies

How do we become our healthiest self?

Amongst all the information it can seem so complicated, it can seem like its going to take heaps of time and require you to spend a whole lot of money.

This is not the case… I have simple strategies to assist you in improving your diet, which will in turn improve your overall health, energy levels, stress levels and life quality.

Option 1 – So you are busy, you get home late and you don’t like cooking. I suggest using a food delivery service, there are different options available and they are reasonably priced. In Auckland I am familiar with Muscle Chow, Jess’s Underground Kitchen and My Food Bag. They deliver to your door, some you need to cook and others are heat and eats. You can use this option a couple of times per week, it will prevent you from grabbing a take away or eating toast for dinner, providing you with necessary nutrients to support your busy life.

Option 2 – Make your day easier by having simple daily rituals to ensure you have healthy food ready to go. While you are cooking your evening meal prepare your breakfast and lunch for the next day. Aim to take snacks and meals to work for most of the week, this will save you money and take the thought out of what to eat, also you will consume less as you control portion size. If you are cooking, make more than you need so you have leftovers for lunch or the following nights dinner.

Option 3 – Have a weekly ritual, pick a day when you have a bit more time, I always go for a Sunday. Have a think about your week and plan a rough menu so you have a food plan. When you go shopping grab some easy to prepare items like frozen veggies, tinned pulses or cooked lean meats for those last-minute meals. Put aside 90 minutes to pre-prepare food items. You can cook proteins, grains, cut vegetables and portion oats/nuts/fruit for snacks. Make a one pot meal like mince and veggies, freeze half and portion the rest. You don’t need to plan every meal, unless that works for you, but having a semblance of a plan will ensure you eat well for the week.

If you would like help in the supermarket, I can come with you assisting you to read labels and make healthier options.

Keep it simple team, make a plan and buy nutritious foods that fit your budget.      027 431 5920


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