Reality Vs Marketing

Size plus woman sweating during weight training

The reality of us normal folk getting healthy can look quite different to the marketing around the fitness world.

We are constantly shown photos of men and women with the “perfect body.” Yoga fanatics are shown with their slim bodies, balancing in crazy positions while being serene and fulfilled. Crossfitters are depicted with having big shoulders and a perfect 6 pack. Body builders are chiselled, tanned, well-groomed and wearing tiny undies. Is this really what fitness looks like for most of us?

How do you feel when you look at these pictures? Do they inspire you to get fit and healthy or do they intimidate you. I’ve been thinking about this recently when marketing my services, do people want to see the dream or the reality of them getting fit? Obviously different approaches work for different people, though I’m not sure these images encourage a sedentary person to get moving. Bodybuilding-a-Reality-Check


Health and fitness looks different to everyone, the journey of a middle-aged office worker exercising for the first time looks completely different to the three times a week gym bunny, I think that its important to focus on you, you run your own race. It doesn’t matter if you finish the race last, the important take home is that you entered and finished the race, you did it.

Initially when I got into all of this, I went a wee bit nuts and it didn’t matter how much I weighed or how much muscle I gained, it was never enough, I was always comparing and pushing myself to fit into someone else’s depiction of health, scrolling through Instagram wondering why I didn’t have the “perfect body” and making comparisons. (I can be a bit nuts though ha ha)

Perfection doesn’t exist, the key factors to take into account when you start or continue on your journey.

  • Do you feel more positive?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Does your skin look better?
  • Are you sleeping better?
  • Do you have improved stress levels?
  • Are you getting fitter?
  • Are you losing excess body fat?
  • Do you have less aches and pains?

Try not to compare yourself, do what you enjoy, be you, make a plan and try to stick with it 80% of the time. You can do it.

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