How do you get started?

You may have been thinking of how to get started with improving your health and fitness but haven’t been sure where to start. I know I originally spent a couple of years starting and then stopping various different fitness regimes. I was unsure of what to do in the gym and unsure of what I enjoyed doing.  This may resonate with you, you may be doing something that you are not really invested in and haven’t been getting the results you desire. Unfortunately, you don’t get results by just paying for a gym membership, it would be nice though right? Ha ha

360_women_exercise_0728Have a good think of how you want to feel? Is it energised, refreshed, happier, fitter, stronger or pain-free. Maybe you want better sleep, have a 5km run coming up or are looking to rehab an existing injury. You may want to lose weight, a lot of us do, and that’s a fine goal to have, though I do encourage my clients to focus on the whole package of being healthier and not solely on weight loss. It’s easy to get disheartened when the scales don’t go your way and health is so much more than that, in fact weight loss is a nice side effect from feeling all the above.

So you have a rough idea of what your goals are, now where and how to achieve them?

There is a plethora of options – barre, yoga, HIIT, run clubs, personal trainers, gyms, hula hoop classes, swim squads, you name it and I’m sure there is a club or venue for it. This is both great and intimidating.

A few tips on how to decide.

Is the gym/club/class easy travelling distance to work or home? Make it as simple as possible, you want to be able to glide this into your day without adding more to your plate.

What can you afford?

What times of day do you want to train? If you are not a morning person don’t suddenly feel like you need to become one, train when you want to train.

What type of place do you prefer? A sweaty boxing gym, boutique private studio, busy gym, outdoor boot camp or community hall.

Once you find your place, go and speak to the staff there, ask for a tour, a free trial, day or class. Ask about sign ups, membership inclusions and cost, don’t feel pressured to decide there and then, take your time. Get trials at different venues, it’s important to find the right fit. Are the staff polite and friendly? Is the venue clean and safe? Are the staff qualified, registered and experienced? Ask for a program and a run through of any equipment. A qualified personal trainer will prescribe a routine for your individual needs, do a thorough consultation and offer continued support throughout your week.

Size plus woman sweating during weight training

You may think to become fit and healthy you suddenly have to give up going out, drinking wine and eating chocolate. While you may have to tweak your habits, it’s about trying to add things into your routine. Crowd out those habits that are not so good for us with new habits that are. One habit at a time, this is about getting healthy and fit for life. This concept works well for the food choices you make, rather than focusing on what you have to give up focus on what you can add in. Crowd out the crappy food with vegetables, nuts, fruit and water. It’s important to be realistic, it may have taken you 10 years to gain the extra weight, changes are not going to happen overnight. Yes, there are ways to rush the process, however in my experience those who focus on the long-term game are the ones who get the best results.

Your journey to health will not be linear, life happens, if you veer off plan, bank it, then jump back on as soon as you can. Concentrate on you and your journey, you run your own race, show yourself self-compassion, you are worth it and you can do it.

If you require help getting started please contact me, Emma 027 431 5920.


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