Workplace Wellness

A lot of us spend a lot of time sat behind a desk in an office working long hours in stressful roles. Workplace wellness is incredibly important as we can spend the majority of our week at work. Our food and activity levels are often dictated by our working day, we often reach for that bottle of wine and packet of chips after a stressful or tiring day at work.

In the arts it’s no different, staff are often working long hours in insecure positions as contractors trying to put together a piece of work on a limited budget in a short time frame. Throw in unsociable working hours, lack of financial security, poor diet, lack of movement and possibly a lack of mental health care, then your wheels can come off pretty fast.

At Q Theatre the management team are very sensitive to the health connotations that working in the industry can cause, along with the tQ Wellness Projecteams input I recently design and implemented a Wellness Pilot Project for Q.

Purpose – To make Q a happier, healthier work place where our staff feel engaged, inspired and motivated in their work.

Bold Goal – Attract and retain happy, healthy, motivated and engaged staff who become our champions for Q.

Initially we sent out a survey to all our staff asking for feedback on whether they would be willing to participate in a wellness project, how they rated their own wellness,


Candice’s food prep for BYO lunch week

what wellness meant to them and what they believed we did well at Q currently.

We ran a 6-week pilot scheme for the office team, which is wrapping up this week. Each week we focused on different areas of wellness where we could tweak our current behaviours and make improvements to our health. I didn’t want to focus solely on one area as not everyone wants to just start exercising or giving up smoking for example, I wanted it to be more of a tweak of habits so that everyone could join in. We looked at improving water consumption, eating more fruit, eating less sugar, being more mindful, bringing your own lunch to work for a week and then choosing yourWellness own focus area for a week as well.

The wellness project brought the team together and made us more aware of helping each other, reminding each other to take breaks and supporting each other in our changes. Also adding in some friendly competition to drink more water makes for some interesting banter.

I will be presenting the findings to Q in the next couple of weeks and looking at how successful the programme was and if there is a way Q could offer a wellness plan for its staff and hirers in the future.

I will present the findings in a future blog. If you have any questions or would like more details on what changes you could make for your team’s wellness then please get in touch.

This not only benefits the individual but the business as well, healthier employees are engaged, positive and on board to do their best. Workplace wellness has been shown to reduce employee turnover and saves money on less sick days being used. So its win win all round.




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