Seasonal fruit and vegetables

I was wandering around the supermarket last weekend and I started picking up asparagus and other vegetables, absent-mindedly placing them in my trolley when I stopped myself.

Fruit and Veg

I took a look at the label on the asparagus and realised it had been imported from the states, now I’m not against American asparagus but how fresh is it really and why eat imported vegetables when I can choose from an assortment of seasonal vegetables from New Zealand. I removed the asparagus and replaced it with brussels sprouts.

So I thought I would compile a list of seasonal fruit and vegetables in New Zealand as we approach the month of May. These will not only be fresher and tastier but also cheaper. Awesome!

Apples – Did you know that apples float in water as they contain 25% air #applefacts

Green Beans 

Brussels Sprouts – The 2 main growing areas in New Zealand are Ohakune in the North Island and Oamaru in North Otago.

Butternut and Buttercup Squash – complex carbohydrate, roast with a spray of oil, smoked paprika and cracked pepper


Feijoas – I think they taste yuk but lots of people like them


Kiwifruit – A great source of Vitamin C

Nashi Pears 

Rhubarb – mmmm apple and rhubarb crumble


Witloof – Witloof is a Dutch name which means white leaf. A 100g raw witloof = approximately 18 calories

There are heaps of vegetables to choose from, I love the change of fresh produce as the seasons change, enables you to try new dishes and combinations in the kitchen.

Happy eating team



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