Sugar, sweet sweet sugar

I truly believe that cracking your sugar cravings and urges is the key to success in nailing other food cravings and issues. Once you kick the sugar urges and the treat mentality that goes with it, healthy eating becomes more manageable.

At the end of last year, I was training hard but then using this as an excuse to have a cheat/treat day each Sunday, my issue was that I couldnt stop at 2 squares of chocolate or 1 slice of cake, I would eat the whole dairy and have a cheat 4 hours, ok well maybe more like 8 hours. Whoops!

Everyone has different methods of managing their diet, Im an abstainer, I’m not a moderate person obviously. Everything is fine in moderation and its good to bear in mind that sugar is a “sometimes” food not an everyday food. Less is definitely more.

Try the following –

-Do not drink fizzy drinks or juices
-Try not to eat food that comes in a packet = this is processed
-Eat food in its most natural state, eat real food
-Change your mindset, your not a dog, you don’t need to treat yourself with food
-Really drill down into your behaviours, I used the 5 whys system, every time I binged I would ask why 5 times to get down to the real reason behind it. Every time it would be because of an emotional issue for me.
-Eat more protein and good fats
-Try not to replace sugar with artificial sugars

As with all these things, were not aiming for perfection, perfection doesn’t exist. Just try and implement small changes and make better choices 80% of the time. Find what works for you.

Happy eating team.

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