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At Emma G Total Health I help time poor individuals prioritise their health. Located in the CBD close to your office, I offer 1-on-1 and small group training sessions designed around your specific health goals.

I do all the thinking and planning for you, you turn up, get the workout done, returning to work energised and ready for a productive afternoon. Exercise increases creative thought, mental stamina, it enables you to learn faster and improves your concentration. Boom!

I can help you improve your wellness, health = wealth.

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Health Tip Sheet – 26 Tips to assist you with making small changes to improve your health and fitness

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Interested in corporate wellness? Have you heard of SMEAEP?

SMEAEP allows businesses to assist their staff with fitness training without having to pay Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT 49%). A healthy workplace is a happy work place, a healthy and happy workforce equals less sick days. You can also claim GST (15%) when paying for fitness training for your employees.

Online training 

Unable to make session times and want a more affordable way of training, online training could be the perfect option for you. Get in touch and I will talk you through the available options.